Cruising with Mickey Day 4! (Sea Day) and Debarkation Day

Day 4 and Disembarkation

Sea Day… Last day on the Disney Dream

If you are just joining us, you can read about Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 to catch up!

We slept in a little the next morning and when we got up we started to pack.  We typically pack early on our last day so we are not stressed about having to pack in the evening.  After packing we had a champagne brunch scheduled at Remy at 11:00 am.  Remy is the other upcharge restaurant on the ship and is French themed.  We took Rosie to the nursery and headed up for the brunch.

Just as a preface to our brunch, we are not a very adventurous eaters.  We know that and recognize that it might not be super “cool” to be non-adventurous eaters, so keep that in mind. We I figured this brunch would be a little outside our eating comfort zone.  To begin with, please make sure you follow the dress code or they will not let you enter Remy.  My wife had on open heel sandals and they made her go back to the room to put on other shoes with a closed heel. I get the idea of a dress code, but the only close heeled shoes she brought didn’t match her dress, so the leather sandals she was previously wearing would have actually been more appropriate.    It’s not that NO ONE was allowed to wear sandlas…just none without a heel strap.  Weird rule IMHO.  Once she returned we were offered a glass of champagne and some type of cured French ham.  The Chef then explained to us the difference between French ham, Italian ham, and Spanish ham.  He then explained the different types of champagne we could try with our meal if we would like.  The first champagne glass is included, but there is an up-charge with the brunch if you choose to add the champagne tasting option with each course. 

After our introduction from Chef, we were seated at our table where we were given bread and the waiter went over the menu again.  I don’t remember his name, but he was from the south of France and was a very friendly.  Soon after we were seated we were given our first course that consisted of small pieces of lobster with caviar.  The next two courses were two lasagna covered in a whipped egg yolk followed by a smoked salmon.  After that there were two small pieces of pork covered in an applewood bacon sauce (this was very good).  Lastly there was dessert.  I don’t even remember what it was, it was forgettable and very bland.  The paired champagne was amazing.  There were two Moet and Chandon champagnes (a Rose and an Ice) and another type of champagne.  This was our favorite part of the brunch. 

 Again, I am not an adventurous eater, this type of food is not really my jam.  My wife felt the same way.  I am sure it was wonderful and fancy as the rest of our group seemed to like the food fairly well and the champagne was excellent (especially the ice champagne).  The cost of this meal was relatively high and, in our opinion even if it was food we liked it would be hard to justify the cost.  The champagne was good, and they were full sized glasses.  Since the menu was a set menu and the cost of the meal was pretty high we didn’t love it.  Lastly, I get the idea of a dress code, however, I think making my wife change out of her sandals was a little silly.   You are on a cruise and you could hardly see her feet because of the length of her dress.   If I was with a group and they wanted to do this again, I would see if I could skip the meal and just enjoy the champagne option 🙂 

After the lunch at Remy we picked up our daughter from the nursery and went to get pictures with Mickie and Minnie.  One of our favorite things about the cruise was the ample times available to meet characters.  The times were published in the daily newsletter you get in your stateroom.  The lines were almost always short to wait to meet the characters and it felt like you had ample time to visit with them.  Another added bonus was the characters often wore cruise-specific costumes which you would not get at WDW.  If you have a character loving child this an especially important part of the cruise.  After we met the characters we decided to finish packing before enjoying the ship prior to dinner.

We wanted to go to the onboard splash park with Rosie because it was another nice day.  However it was closed presumably to a kiddie accident and it never re-opened the rest of the day.  As with most cruises, littles who wear a diaper and are not toilet trained are not permitted to use the cruise pools.  This is NBD if you know about it in advance but can be a major disappointment if you are not prepared.  Luckily the Dream has the splash pad for those kiddies but if it’s closed there is no water option for your diapered child.  We had fun walking around and meeting characters so it was ok, but keep this in mind so you and your kids won’t be disappointed. 

 That evening our dinner was at the Royal Table, the food was great and the wait staff was excellent as always.   We still can’t figure out some of the magic tricks.

After dinner we attended the Beauty and the Beast show.  My wife really likes Beauty and the Beast, I am not the biggest fan (however, I LOVE the Gaston song).  I was really surprised at how good it was.  The sets were amazing, I have seen several Broadway Productions and this was just as good if not better than those.  Our daughter did not cooperate and I ended up taking her to bed about 3/4 of the way through it.  My wife stayed to finish watching it and LOVED it.  If you are going on this cruise, be sure not to miss it.  It really is great!

It was time for bed, we had to be up to leave off the ship.  As with most cruises there are a few different options for debarkation.  You can meet in the main atrium at 7:00 am and walk off or you can leave your bags out at night and then get off at an assigned time. Some people prefer the “leaving the bags out” option so they don’t have to drag their luggage through the ship with kids in tow.  We prefer to take our own luggage and walk off so we don’t have to separate our toiletries and all to be able to shower in the morning. We have walked off a number of times and prefer this.  We got to the lobby around 6:45 and a long line had already started to form.  We were off the ship by 7:10-7:15.   Going through customs was a breeze and there were several taxis outside to take us to Orlando. 

 Overall, this was a great cruise, there were some things we really loved about this cruise and a few that we didn’t.  We have wanted to go on a Disney Cruise for a long time and had a good time with our friends.   We would definitely do it again! 

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